No Title Email Phone Number Message Created Date
1 Katie Marriott 07979 424 767 I am unable to access the Church Road folder within Drawings & Specs. Many thanks 13/05/2019 11:36:53
2 Kamran ghoreishi 07487663610 Hi I cant find the DWG files to download on drawings and specs folder. such s block 5 GA 00,01,02 floor plans 12/05/2019 18:41:14
3 Dawn Burns 01213895067 18149-MET-01-GF-DR-Y-00001 First Floor Plan. I have named this wrong it should read 18149-MET-00-01-DR-Y-00001 18/04/2019 14:01:48
4 Kevin Bubala 07999991004 Hi, I would like to delete a set of drawing uploaded for approval. Please advise how this can be done? 15/04/2019 15:19:20
5 Darren Brown 01932779787 Is there any way to change the drawing no. For example we have drawing called 1736-RC01C1 (would like to remove the C1 at the end) and just have the revision in the revision section . 26/03/2019 16:05:28
6 Craig Ireland 07904549152 When selecting a project none of the Drawings and Specs are visible for any project. 27/02/2019 17:15:50
7 tim spence 7500787270 Hi When I go to drawings and spec - it just says no matching records found 11/02/2019 11:53:56
8 murray 07387141280 how do you see the all revisions on the drawings 21/11/2018 16:40:19
9 Jamie Lawson 01903230101 Hi, I am looking at the Church Road project. I need to download all the relevent PDFs etc. However, all the drawings are zipped up in a folder along with a DWG. Is there a way where I can just download all the files and folders so I can sift through 09/11/2018 15:48:49
10 Mark Ranson 07795 625022 Just logged in and the Church Road drawings aren't showing. 24/09/2018 13:38:11
11 Beth Williman 07470773159 Hello, Am I able to be added onto the Wessex Hotel DMS System- I am now the site administrator Thank you 16/08/2018 12:03:49
12 077303 67662 Hi can you please let me know how to delete a user record from the SC User record list for Toureen. Thanks. Gerry 11/07/2018 14:48:54
13 Beth Williman 01202669994 Good Afternoon, I am unable to up load anything onto the DMS it keeps saying File not uploaded successfully? Kind Regards Beth 02/10/2017 12:18:31
14 Robert Flanagan 1235555173 have just incorrectly updated a drawing. can you correct for me please? Thanks, Jeff 18/08/2017 11:03:59
15 Beth 07736723535 Hello, I have just uploaded a drawing -AD-1.01_Typical_External_Wall_-_GF_Junction_1_Rev_C1. I have already uploaded this so no longer need the one ive just put on, are you able to delete it? Thank you 09/08/2017 14:42:07
16 Talal Sadiq 7949898649 Test 17/07/2017 14:43:32
17 Beth Williman 01202669997 Hello, I have been uploading onto the DMS via Tarek's username and I have uploaded one with the wrong drawing number- can I change this at all? Thank you Kind Regards Beth 14/07/2017 13:50:52
18 Tarek Tabbah 07780337448 As an admin how can I add people to a particular project? 14/06/2017 14:33:56
19 Tori Khoo 7415867651 Hi, i tried to upload information for Queensgate but the DMS wouldn't let me. It seems that I don't have access to Queensgate? 28/04/2017 18:33:47
20 David Sorbie 07949898649 This is test. And with line breaks. 26/04/2017 11:02:00
21 Annelies Earley 02382 026 300 Could you add me to the Queensgate Ph9 project? Thanks 19/04/2017 09:55:26
22 David Sorbie 07880 556371 Hi, how can I invite members of my organisation to become members with their own log in? 11/04/2017 22:27:54
23 takal 07949898649 hhvjubjbj 31/03/2017 09:00:25